We are living in a world where if you say you are fortunate, thankful and appreciative of what you have, it can be interpreted as being privileged. Well, be that as it may. I want to bring to our communities’ attention how fortunate we all are to have local fire departments that protect us without even asking for a thank you. They are quietly under the radar screen until you need them. 

Well, my family needed them a few weeks ago. It was a regular Friday night, and we were preparing for dinner. Our fireplace was creating the glow and warmth you would expect but sensed that we may have a chimney fire. We made the call that we all dread, to 911, and within minutes it seemed as though every fire truck assisting vehicles in the area descended on our quiet cul-de-sac. They quickly and professionally surveyed the situation and put us at ease. Every corner of our home, both inside and outside, was looked over. They had a ladder truck that allowed them to survey the roof. Indeed, the fire was put out and the smoke damage was kept to a minimum.

Why share this story that has been told many times over? It needs to be shared because we all know our local departments are voluntary. How many times have you driven past these fire houses and didn’t think twice about our neighbors that volunteer their time and their health to assist us when we are truly in need.

During this holiday season, let’s all be proud of our communities and thankful those unsung volunteers that respond when we need them. Contributing money or meals to these departments would go a long way in letting them know how thankful you are for their service.

Steven Sokol


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