I’m writing in support of Alexandra White’s candidacy to the board. I met Alex while at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, where I have worked as a clinical social worker since 2006.

Alex joined our team on the nursery unit in January 2019 as a lactation consultant. From the moment I met Alex, I knew that she possessed the skill set to work in what has always been an incredibly challenging environment. She is bright and eager to learn, is highly organized, and has an incredible ability to adapt to change. Most important, Alex is a team player: one who is receptive to feedback and wants only what is best for the people with whom she works, and in the context of the big picture.

A year into Alex's tenure at the facility, our nursery manager left the job without warning. Almost immediately, Alex was asked to temporarily step into her role; a transition to managing an entire unit that she made seamlessly. No task is too great or too small for Alex, which speaks to her ability to operate without her ego leading the way.

Our whole staff has come to rely heavily on her, despite her status as the newest member of our team.

I grew up in Bedford during the ‘70s and ‘80s and returned to the area as an adult  in 1993. I have raised three children here, who all attended the Bedford Central School District. Bedford Village and Fox Lane were integral parts of my children’s development and education.

As a caring member of this community, and with a strong fondness for the local school system that taught my children well, I am delighted to wholeheartedly recommend Alex White for a seat on the board.

I’d want her on any team that I was a part of.

Lisi Robinson


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