Racial progress has often been met by vicious opposition

To the Editor,

Caitlin Voege's letter ("Dividing people into different

groups gets us nowhere," Dec. 2) is a testament written by a woman who clearly has

not suffered from the racism upon which this nation was founded (it's

"original sin") and which continues to pervade all social institutions


Ms Voege glibly cites legislative and judicial achievements serving to

right these wrongs, with no acknowledgement of the sacrifices, bloodshed

and lives lost (save the Civil War), that led to these changes. These very

changes were fueled by individuals who fought for justice, as those who now fight for justice seek. She neglects to mention that these changes were opposed, and continue to be

opposed, viciously and sometimes lethally by many "good benevolent people

who for the most part get along" (her words). For example, acts of

domestic terrorism in this country are overwhelmingly committed by white

nationalists rather than outside perpetrators.

I do agree with Ms Voege's statement that "America is a country that has

strived, imperfectly but passionately to live up to its founding promise

that all men are created equal." That very promise, which we know was a

falsehood at the time it was penned, has evolved "imperfectly" and there

is much progress to be made.

As Ms Voege has provided her own "history lesson," below is a list of a

few recent publications that may further inform her and other readers:

The 1619 Project, Nicole Hannah-Jones/New York Times

White Fragility, Robin DiAngelo

The Color of Law, Richard Rothstein

Stamped from the Beginning, Ibram X. Kendi

The Warmth of Other Suns, Isabel Wilkerson (and her newly-released book


Judith Mason


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