Regarding your article, “Ban ahead on leaf blowers?” (April 23), thank you for your coverage of this important issue. My husband and I are both now retired, so we are home most of the time, in a densely populated neighborhood designated a Town of Bedford hamlet zone.

For the 21 years of our residence here, we have done our own leaf collection, mostly by hand raking and bagging and some by late-season mulching with our mower. But we have witnessed the ever-increasing use of lawn services that include extremely loud gas leaf blowers (GLBs) in their weekly spring-summer cleanup, and also privately-owned GLBs. Even since the enactment of the laws limiting leaf-blower use off-season, the noise seems to go on for hours on some days. Our lifestyle is extremely impacted, especially in the warmer months when we are trying to enjoy our outdoor space in peace.

One would think that with more folks working from home since the pandemic began, there would now be widespread support for putting the brakes on this nonessential, highly disruptive convenience that residents have become so dependent on. And there are other compelling reasons to ban GLBs — bad air quality and damaging soil erosion among them.

I applaud Irvington and Larchmont for banning all GLBs year-round and hope that we soon follow suit in Bedford. A total ban would simplify the regulations and make it imperative for services — and residents — to finally invest in electric equipment. I can only hope that homeowners move to end their contracts with services that refuse to shift to less-harmful electric leaf blowers.

Maggie McVeigh


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