Elizabeth Messinger’s letter (“Disturbing signs of backlash after moments of social progress,” May 28) seems to conflate the reported “welcome” locally offered to the KKK in 1931 with contesting a primary election for town supervisor in 2021. Even in a town like Bedford that is diversity-challenged, to say the least — and needs to take concrete steps to address that — it should be possible in the political arena to address issues of competence and character without the race card being put into play.

Seniority rules in the civil service, but not in democratically contested elections. MaryAnn Carr was appointed supervisor on an interim basis less than six months ago; it is not outrageous that she should face a primary in her first run for the seat.

More fundamentally, smearing as racist people you disagree with is not progressive and does not advance the cause of anti-racism. Ellen Calves will be a more conscientious, communicative, and competent supervisor than her opponent, and that is why Ellen Calves will have my vote.

Andrew Kuhn


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