This letter is in response to Alexander Goldfarb’s letter (“Your neighbor could be Republican who loves this country, too,” Sept. 3). Eagerly anticipating a reasoned argument explaining that individuals of all stripes were patriots, we should eschew labels, and seek to discern actual values instead, I was disappointed. 

Mr. Goldfarb simply besmirches “Democrats.” Mr. Trump’s misogyny trumps Cuomo’s as bad as it was. No excellence in Nixon’s exit from Vietnam compared to our exit from Afghanistan — which could have been a lot better, though what failed is not yet clear.

Taking Mr. Goldfarb at his word — “forget the label and focus on the person” — if we examine Trump’s presidency, we find that he inherited a vibrant economy which he boosted at the expense of virgin timber, other national resources, air and water quality, and medical safety. He alienated our closest allies with insults and tariffs, and set us back years on climate change. He disdained science, denied facts and talked of raking forests, nuking hurricanes and then changed one’s course with a magic marker. He orchestrated the worst federal response to a national crisis ever by denying the pandemic, belittling and fighting the scientists, inventing bleach injections and “inner light,” and advocating hydroxychloroquine in lieu of real medical preventions and remedies.

Trump’s crowning achievement was to claim against all evidence that he had won an election which he had lost by millions of votes and many electoral votes, undermining the public’s faith in the electoral process, wasting millions of dollars and court time in irresponsible litigation, and culminating in a rebellion against the United States’ Capitol, supported if not fomented by him. 

Having examined the person who leads the GOP, I find him wanting. As is Mr. Goldfarb’s letter.

Peter N. Clough

Pound Ridge

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