Recently, James Marcotullio claimed in a letter that I’m “hazardous” and a “danger” to the town for my suggestions on American Rescue Plan spending and cellphone coverage (“Candidate reveals ‘hazardous inexperience’ in her critique,” published online Oct 11). A couple weeks after my letter suggested an ARP allocation toward our youth, a board member suggested an allocation toward our seniors. This is also a smart suggestion and I’d love to discuss good ideas which is exactly why I penned the letter.

Regarding the criticism of my suggestion to explore the proposal of a cell transmitter in the Bedford Presbyterian Church steeple, our town needs communication and ideas in the form of a least intrusive and multi-pronged approach. Unfortunately, the recent activity we have seen related to cell service comes in the form of a lawsuit filed by Verizon against the town.

As your neighbor running for Bedford Town Board, I’d like to discuss a range of ideas without being labeled as “hazardous.”

In another letter also published online Oct. 11, Sally Casey called me a … Republican, which apparently should disqualify me from local office (“Despite the name change, the party itself is unmistakably the same”). Why such partisan hate?

I’m a biracial minority woman, daughter of an immigrant, and registered as a Republican. I’ve never tried to hide that. In fact, I’m a founding board advisor of two bipartisan organizations committed to diverse viewpoints and dialogue. I’m happy to discuss issues in a respectful and intelligent manner.

I’m also a town board candidate running only on the Bedford United ballot line. I’m competing against candidates endorsed by the Democratic committee. My race-gender-political combination doesn’t fit neatly into their demographic stereotype. I understand that’s frustrating for them, but I’ve never fit neatly into a stereotype. I’ve found that basically no one does. We each have our own individual experiences and ideas, and largely want to live cohesively as good neighbors. The vocal few who want to make this local election seem like politicized tribal warfare are just that — a vocal few.

My family has survived escaping anti-Semitic eastern Europe and communist North Korea. I’ll do just fine standing up to a few petty partisans. 

Alli Choi


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