There’s a great reason to vote for the Bedford Democrats by Nov. 2. They will save money for our town and you. And at the same time assure all of us in Bedford prosperous, healthier lives right now and in the future. 

One good example is the Bedford 2030 Climate Action Plan, which is bringing about forward looking, money saving changes to our three hamlets. Ellen Calves, environmentalist and now Democratic candidate for town supervisor, worked with organizations across Bedford as the former program director of Bedford 2030. 

Democrats are leading the way so the township will pay less for energy as we move into renewable energy sources. This includes refitting existing buildings and constructing energy-smart new ones. Our downtown will thrive as the sewer system under construction, through Ellen’s leadership, provides us with more opportunities for retail businesses and restaurants. 

Democrats running for town board, Stephanie McCaine and Andrés Castillo-Quintana, also support Bedford doing our part to promote healthy air and clean energy by aggressively limiting emissions on a local level. This goal is already being met ahead of schedule. 

Under the forward-thinking leadership of the Democrats, an emergency management planning task force will improve communication and coordinate services for public safety during the increasingly frequent and damaging storms. 

Bedford Democrats are counting on you to turn out and vote to support the progress we’ve made in our town. Right now we’re focused on keeping Bedford a healthy and beautiful place to live and raise our children. And we’re ready to move into the future with economically sustainable preparedness so that our way of life continues to delight and renew us all. 

Bedford Democrats. United in serving all of us, today and tomorrow. 

Anne Twomey Lloyd and John Bedford Lloyd 


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