We would like to commend the Bedford Central School District Board for cancelling the 30-acre solar array off Guard Hill Road at West Patent School. We all learned a lot about the complexities of commercial solar power placed in residential neighborhoods. Moreover, the community had to address a project which was not governed by our town zoning laws and, thus, illustrated the importance of our existing zoning laws, which preclude commercial development in residential areas.

This was a deeply unpopular project with the community. We would encourage the Bedford Town Board to take a lesson from this project and avoid falling sway to “Trojan horse” zoning changes — seemingly green on the outside, but easily abused by developers. We urge the town to leave our existing zoning laws alone.

Nancy Kronenberg

Eric Kronenberg

Leslie Perich

Tristan Perich

John Stockbridge

Anita Stockbridge

Leigh Garten

Tom White

OpenSpaceBedford (formerly Friends of West Patent)

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