I am writing this in response to the signs dotting the landscape supporting Chris Burdick for state Assembly. As much as I would like to see him out of Bedford higher office is certainly not the answer. As supervisor, he has enacted laws such as the leaf blower law. Yet another example of a liberal power grab trying to tell us what to do in every aspect of our lives. My question is, what will be next?

Furthermore, our elected and tax paid politicians are enacting policies such as making Bedford a sanctuary town that make no sense and breaks the law. We are also paying our police to break the law. I was taught to obey laws. I have no problem with immigrants. A lot of my friends are immigrants, and I could not tell you what their immigration status is. That is because they are hard working, taxpaying and law-abiding people. Once they break the law, it all changes. 

A vote for a Republican in any and all races this year is a vote for common sense and lawfulness. In my estimation, we need that now and we will all be safer for it.

Thank you and a special thanks to the wonderful Record-Review for printing this. I have faith that the entire media is not unfair.

Mark Lieto

Bedford Hills

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