Shelley Mayer

Shelley Mayer has declared victory in her re-election race for the 40th Senate District. 

State Sen. Shelley Mayer appears all but certain to win reelection in the 37th Senate District, based on preliminary Board of Elections results.

Though absentee ballots have yet to be counted, Ms. Mayer, running on the Democratic, Working Families and Serve America Movement lines, is leading challenger Liviu Saimovici, on the Republican and Conservative lines, 58% to 42%, according to the Westchester County Board of Elections.

The preliminary results show Ms. Mayer with 62,345 votes to Mr. Saimovici’s 44,966. Those totals include both Election Day results and early voting. Separately, the Board of Elections showed Ms. Mayer received 33,584 votes during early voting, and Mr. Saimovici, 11,520.

There are nearly 28,000 absentee ballots in this race that still need to be tallied. Of that total, approximately 17,000 are from registered Democrats, 4,900 from registered Republicans and 6,000 from unaffiliated voters. 

In a statement posted on Facebook, Ms. Mayer said, “I’m so thankful and pleased that the people of the district reelected me, and I have the opportunity to continue to serve all the people of the 37th Senate District. I look forward to all the votes being counted, including all the thousands of absentee votes that were cast that have not yet been counted.” 

She concluded, “Thank you for the faith that you put in me, and I look forward to continuing to serve.”

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