The John Jay bowling teams finished the season on a high note with the boys winning the Northern Westchester Regional championship Feb. 25 at the Cortlandt Lanes in Cortlandt Manor.

That effort came one day after the girls, who were shorthanded, placed second.

“The girls went into the section I regional tournament shorthanded with only four bowlers,” Jay head coach Paul Plutzker said. “In game one, Zoey Feldman led the way with a 167 and the team had a 559 game. Amelia Maiorana had a game high 164 in game two and the team finished with a 549.”

Maiorana and Feldman had 151 games in game three with the team rolling a 544 that left them, after the morning session, with a 1652 total that was good for second place only 23 pins behind Horace Greeley, who had a full five-person squad.

“After lunch, Feldman had a 175 and Kiera Ellison a 161 to lead the way in game four for a total of 527,” Plutzker said. “The girls took a nine-pin lead going into game five. Unfortunately, in game five, the girls had their lone poor game of the day with a 440 total.”

Meanwhile, Greeley had their high game with a 629 to take a 180-pin lead.

“The girls wrapped up the day with their best effort with a 563 led by Maiorana’s 180 game,” Plutzker said. “They finished with a total pin count of 3,182 (107 pins behind Greeley).”

He continued, “Maiorana’s 180 was the second-high game of the day in the tournament while Feldman’s 175 was good for third. Feldman had the second-highest high series with a 921, while Maiorana had a total of 871 for third place.”

The next day, it was a different story for the boys.

“The boys started with a solid 783 game led by C.J. Polworth with a 180 and Zach Gonzalez had a 166,” Plutzker said. “Polworth had a high of 191 in game two, followed by Donnie Engelhardt with a solid 169.”

The boys tacked on a 781 total in game two, which vaulted them into first place.

“Game three saw Polworth with a 169 and Gonzalez with a 161 for a 740 total,” Plutzker said.

At the break after the morning session, the boys had a solid 104-pin lead with a total of 2,270 pins.

“The boys came out swinging in the afternoon session,” Plutzker said. “Miles Copabianco with a 194 and Connor Leska-Kent with a 180 led the way for a 783. Then, in game five, the boys exploded. C.J. Polworth bowled a tournament-high, league-high and career-high 279. Polworth had nine strikes in a row to roll his 279. It was an absolutely tremendous effort and it was the second highest game ever for a John Jay bowler.”

In that same game, Connor Leska-Kent rolled a 217 to lead to the boys’ highest game total of the season with a 927. 

“The boys all but wrapped up the tournament at that point, taking a 357-pin lead over Lakeland going into the final game, Plutzker said. The boys finished up the season with their second-best game of the day with an 830 game. “Polworth had another amazing 228 game, he said.

The coach continued, “In another tremendous effort, Donnie Engelhardt bowled a 206, by far his highest game ever.”

The boys finished with a total of 4,810 pins winning the tournament by 501 pins over Lakeland.

Plutzker added, “C.J. Polworth won the gold medal for his high game and also received the silver for his series total of 1,193 pins knocked down.”

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