John Jay’s Kevin Crane will swim for Bucknell University this coming fall.

All the hard work in the pool and out, as well as in the classroom, has paid off for John Jay’s Kevin Crane, who will be swimming for Bucknell University of the Patriot League beginning this fall.

“Bucknell just seemed like such a great fit,” Crane said of the Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, school. “I was looking for a smaller school. The coaches were amazing when I visited. They also were very welcoming and understanding.”

Crane was also considering a number of other Division 1 and Division 3 schools, including Emory University, Amherst College and Lehigh University.

Crane began swimming at age 6 with the Katonah Swim Team. A year later, he decided to swim year-round, joining the Ace Aquatics team based at the Saw Mill Club.

He swam for Ace Aquatics for two years, then, at age 9, moved on to the Empire Swim Club which is based in Tarrytown. He has been with Empire ever since.

“I love how in practice you are able to swim for hours and it will feel like only a couple minutes have passed,” Crane said. “Also, the feeling of going a best time after months of practice is an unmatched feeling.”

He continued, “My most favorite event is probably the 50-free and the 100 IM. The 50 is the shortest event, so it’s always super close and exciting. The 100 IM is similar, it is a fast race that you only swim occasionally.”

On the other hand, Crane added, “My least favorite event is probably the mile. I'm not someone who swims long distance. The mile is too long and painful.”

The opportunity to swim in college is a result of many hours of training.

“I train for 2½ hours, six days a week,” Crane said. “We usually do 45 minutes of dryland during the 2½ hours. During dryland, we don’t use weights. It’s mainly medicine ball and bodyweight exercises.”

Heading to Bucknell, Crane is unsure of his role on the team.

“Right now, the Bucknell coaches haven’t told me anything about my role, but I have to assume I will be swimming my best events during the dual-meet season,” he said. “That would be the 200 IM and 400 IM.”

Looking back at his Jay career, Crane feels satisfied.

“I think our biggest accomplishment over the years was definitely beating AHEDI in the dual meet season last year,” Crane said. AHEDI is a merged team from Ardsley, Hastings, Edgemont, Dobbs Ferry and Irvington. “In addition to that, we had eight swimmers qualify for states last year,” he said.

As for his legacy at John Jay, he commented, “I just want to be remembered as someone who was always there for the team and who was always able to swim fast at every meet.” 

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