Jeremy Tetenman was the captain that head coach Scott Shannon leaned on for the Fox Lane tennis team.

The Fox Lane golf, boys’ tennis and softball teams did not have an abundance of seniors expected on this spring’s rosters. Still, each had their final chance to represent their high school in a season snatched away by the virus.

Head coach Dan Mulvey’s golf team had a pair of seniors, John Pierangelo and Spencer Rowley.

Pierangelo switched to golf after playing lacrosse on the JV level and will be attending he State University of New York at Binghamton beginning this fall.

He lists Tiger Woods as his sports’ role model. “When he hurt his back, golf fans thought they would never see Tiger Woods play on the PGA tour again and, a few years later, he proved all of them wrong and won the 2019 Masters,” Pierangelo said.

Pierangelo also offered some sage advice to young players.

“If you don't find joy in pursuing a sport or skill, there will be little or no progress,” he said. “You cannot excel if your only motive is to prove yourself that you're capable.”

Rowley was coming off an exciting season on the gridiron last fall for the Foxes. He will be attending the University of Southern California in the fall.

He likes listening to rap music before games and envisioning what he is going to need to do to win.

Rowley admires swimmer Michael Phelps and advises young athletes to “enjoy the game, you play better when you’re having fun and not stressing.”


Head coach Anthony Rodrigues was going to field a very young softball team this spring and was looking to seniors Emily Gessler and Valerie Candelaria to supply guidance and leadership.

Gessler, a three-year varsity starting pitcher, “showed great growth and maturity and became a team leader,” Rodrigues said.

Meanwhile, Candelaria, who transferred to Fox Lane for her junior year, “blended in as well as you can,” the coach said. “She played solid second base and showed so much improvement.  She was going to have big senior year.”


The boys’ tennis team had the largest senior contingent of the three teams. It fielded a total of seven — Jeremy Tetenman, Ken Dorazio, Kenny Poor, Sam Levy, Allan Dillon, Jack Kadleck and Jesse Federbush.

“Ken (Dorazio) has been on the team since his sophomore year and has always played an integral role on the team, playing singles all three years and leading his team as a senior captain this year,” head coach Scott Shannon said. “He led by example in how to handle himself during matches, winning and losing like a champion.”

Dorazio is heading to Wake Forest.

“Jack (Kadleck) is one of the three seniors who has been on the team since freshman year, and in that time has never failed to lighten up the team with his hilarity,” Shannon said. “He has started many matches over the years, and even when he wasn’t starting, he was playing just as big of a role by cheering on his teammates louder than anyone else. He looks forward to attending Muhlenberg this fall to study theater, but is sad to leave the team behind.”

Federbush joined the team as a junior.

“Jesse (Federbush) has always been one of the most hardworking kids on the team,” Shannon said. “He was always the first one down at the courts, and never backed down from playing anyone at any time. He always did what he was told and was always a true team player.”

Federbush will be attending the University of New Haven next year to study forensics.

“Kenny (Poor) has been on the team since freshman year and has always been a man of few words, letting his game speak for itself,” Shannon said. “He has always been a very level-headed and consistent player, never letting his opponents rattle him.” The coach continued, “He has many fond memories on and off the court from his time on the team whether it was winning his first match minutes before heading to an orchestra concert or hanging out with the team and eating snacks while cheering on his teammates.”

Poor will be attending Princeton University to study engineering.

Levy is a two-year varsity tennis player and will attend St. Lawrence University this fall.

“On the court, Sam (Levy) is a passionate player who competed in doubles competition last year; he enjoys serving and has solid ground strokes to back it up,” Shannon said. “Off the court, Sam is energetic and intense when it comes to keeping everyone going.”

Dillion is also a two-year varsity player.

“On the court, Alan (Dillion) is a determined player who competed in doubles last year,” Shannon said. “He is a baseliner, utilizing a unique one-handed backhand in combination with a modern forehand. Off the court, Alan is reliable and a true advocate for victory; he always wants to contribute and help out in any way possible.”

Jeremy Tetenman is deciding between Vanderbilt University and the University of Virginia.

“He was my point man for getting some info on every player and he was the main captain,” Shannon said. “He was insightful, fair and a good leader type for the job. His maturity and thoughtfulness was the glue that helped keep the team together. He also overcame adversity in missing a whole season due to injury in his sophomore year, and that speaks to his commendable character.”

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