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Final street painting was completed this week in Scotts Corners. Residents will notice new traffic calming and safety measures, like the crosswalk pictured here outside The Market at Pound Ridge Square. 

The construction workers that have been a staple in Scotts Corners since March have officially packed up their hard hats and completed work on the town’s sidewalk improvement project. Con-Tech Construction Technology Inc., the town’s appointed contractor for the Transportation Enhancement Project, finished installing flush medians, traffic-calming strips, and other pedestrian safety measures this week.

“It’s a great feeling,” TEP General Foreman Jonah Maddock said. 

Mr. Maddock has overseen construction on the town’s behalf since the project’s beginning. As the various phases of work have been completed, he has seen the business district’s old cobblestone sidewalks gutted and replaced with smooth concrete, the street’s disjointed pavement become one contiguous walkway, as well as the installation of the Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant ramps and the demarcation of handicapped parking spaces. All of this work took place within the estimated construction timeline and with COVID-19 restrictions thrown into the mix.

While gratifying, the project’s conclusion is also bittersweet for Mr. Maddock.

“I’ve gotten to know everyone and gotten into a routine of going down there every day,” he said in a phone interview. 

While the construction work by Con-Tech is finished, the sidewalk improvement project is not technically complete. At the July 14 town board meeting, Councilwoman Alison Boak said the town was still “wrapping up” a few aspects of the project.

For example, the designs of two new signs are being finalized before they will be installed at the entrance of the business district. Ms. Boak also said she was still working with New York State Electric & Gas on scheduling a time to turn on the new streetlights on Westchester Avenue. 

The enhancement project has been a part of Pound Ridge life going back to 2013 with initial town board discussions. The town secured partial funding for the project through the New York State Department of Transportation, which will pay $1,485,000. The town will finance any costs incurred over that amount, with the latest estimation provided by town officials being $720,000.

Officials hope the cumulative result of the Transportation Enhancement Project will be an increase in the number of visitors from nearby towns who will shop and dine in Scotts Corners once the pandemic passes.

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