Lewisboro town pool patron tested positive for COVID-19 and last visited the pool on Sunday, July 26.

A patron of the Lewisboro town pool has tested positive for COVID-19, the Town of Lewisboro said Wednesday in a community announcement. Town officials passed on the news shortly after they received notice from the Parks and Recreation Department, which learned of the positive test result.

The patron’s last visit to the pool was late afternoon Sunday, July 26, according to the town. The town conducts temperature checks for the town camp, but not for patrons of the town pool. The town stated in a second communication on Wednesday that the patron was asymptomatic when the individual last visited the pool and that the case has no relationship with the day camp.

“The campers use the pool when it is closed to the public, it is cleaned before and after their usage, and the campers are not near the pool when the public is using the facility,” the town said in their Wednesday communication. 

The pool patron learned she was positive after getting back the result of a COVID-19 test in preparation for planning an event, said town officials, who did not specify what day they became aware of the test result.

The Parks and Recreation Department staff communicated the test result to the Westchester County Health Department. The patron is currently working with WCHD contact tracers to determine who else might have been exposed.

The health department advised the town that the pool does not need to be closed. However, as an additional precaution, the recreation department did an additional deep-clean of the pool facility after it learned of the positive test result.

“We continue to be diligent with our cleanings, health checks with our staff and staying vigilant with all of our best practices and guidelines,” the town said in the announcement.

K9 Zane

On Wednesday, July 22, Police Sgt. Andrew Llewellyn and K9 Zane visited the Lewisboro day camp. K9 Zane poses with thank-you letters from campers to the police department.

The town camp and pool have both been open for around a month. Session two of the town camp began Monday, July 27. According to the Parks and Recreation Department, the first session of day camp went smoothly.

Also, the Parks and Recreation Department has announced several updates on pool rules and restrictions effective Monday, July 27.

Initially, only residents of Lewisboro have been able to access the town pool. However, starting Monday, pool permit registration opened to non-Lewisboro residents who live in the Katonah-Lewisboro School District. These include certain residents of the towns of Bedford, North Salem or Pound Ridge.

In addition, the department increased the limit of out-of-town guests at the pool from two to four for weekdays only. The department will continue to enforce two guests per family on the weekends.

Parks and Recreation is also changing the weekend afternoon time-blocks, which will run from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The town pool staff is continuing to enforce all other guidelines and regulations for the pool. These can be found on the Parks and Recreation website at lewisbororecreation.com. In addition to pool guidelines, the department will also continue to enforce no gatherings over 30 people are permitted, and access to basketball courts, volleyball courts, bathrooms and playgrounds is prohibited.

The town said that residents who have questions about COVID-19 and safety procedures can refer to information on the county website or call the Parks and Recreation office at 232-6162.

Jessica Leibman is a staff reporter at The Record-Review where she covers the Town of Lewisboro the Katonah-Lewisboro School District.

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