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It was a perfect confluence of beer, burgers and good folks on a beautiful Friday afternoon. The impromptu barbecue outside The Kitchen Table arose from a gut feeling from the shop’s manager, McKenna Ryser, along with owner Robbie Everett to say “thank you” and “good-bye” to the workers at Con-Tech, who had just finished their job for the Transportation Enhancement Project, further transforming Scotts Corners. Along the way in the past months, McKenna has been delivering free coffee and treats to the guys working on the Avenue. 

The process of establishing transportation and pedestrian safety has involved town government officials and folks from local organizations overseeing the project, calling out issues, making requests for changes and asking for favors. It was all responded to pleasantly by Con-Tech, without acrimony. The workers were just plain nice. For that, McKenna and Robby wanted to express their thanks, along with the Pound Ridge Partnership which appreciated the upgrade in the business district, their mission’s territory. James Best presented Con-Tech owner Pasquale Carino and his company with a framed certificate, titled, the “Easiest to Work With” Award. “We’ve been appreciated,” Pasquale said, “but we’ve never gotten an award!”

The group at the celebration was feeling good all around, a positive spark of gratitude that is worth noting and appreciated, especially these days in our culture’s touchy climate. I was fortunate to be included. Thank you. 


It was great to see a farmer’s market back in town in front of Kahlo where it had been years back. Deep Roots organic farm offered a wide selection of amazing produce at great prices and they will be returning this weekend. Bedford resident Karen Olvera of Cielito Mio will be giving out samples of her hot and mild salsas. The Sunday market will return weekly, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


The Pet Boutique at Pound Ridge, which is soon to open in the former Lil Beans location, is also going to be at the market. Owner Rafael Herrera is excited to meet the community. His store will carry much more than Husse Pet Food, Europe’s top-selling pet food which is high in protein and non-GMO. This will be a one-stop shop for animal products and services, including food (for dog, cat, horse, chicken and others), grooming (including a walk-in facility), dog training, pet nutrition advice and even custom-made chicken coops and dog houses. Rafael volunteers at an animal shelter in Bedford and will facilitate pet adoptions. 

At the market on Sunday, he will offer a cross-section of pet products, including food, hygiene, pet care, and even an easy-to-apply cat mousse for those fussy cats who don’t like to be groomed. Visitors will be able to register to be sent free samples. He’s hoping to open the showroom and have his website operating within two weeks, and will offer free delivery to customers.

A former lawyer in Peru who has also been in the coffee business, Rafael and his wife, Marsela Steger, moved to Pound Ridge from Mount Kisco six months ago. Marsela’s two children attend Fox Lane High School. “I love Pound Ridge,” is how he responded when I asked him how he likes Pound Ridge, adding, “What’s there not to like? I thought I’d miss nature after living close to the Amazon jungle and all those giant trees, but Pound Ridge has all of that here.”


Stores may come and go, but the people in them establish connections to the community that live on, as with Tim Schaeffer from the former Sunoco gas station in Scotts Corners. Pound Ridger Barbara Kanter wrote me to express her sadness to see Tim and his employees go, saying, “One of his mechanics would sometimes come over to A-Home to help out the residents.” Tim sold the building to Chestnut Energy Corp., the parent of Chestnut Mart convenience stores. The sign at the former Sunoco station now says “Mobil” but it’s unclear who will run it. Tim said the deal for the gas station should be sealed by Aug. 1 when he leaves, and noted the new owner interviewed one of his employees to possibly stay on. The Chestnut Market in the building operates independently of the station and is open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Tim has two children in their mid-20s who, he said, are “independent and have jobs,” so he and his wife, Karen, are beginning the next chapter of their lives at their home in Vermont. “Then we’ll see where we go next, as I don’t think we could live in Vermont full time.” Good luck to you guys and thanks for being part of our community.


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