December 27, 2013

Quote/Unquote, 2013

Every year we collect some of the most notable quotables from local officials, neighbors and friends. Here’s a collection of the news, in quotes, from 2013.

“You can’t gauge anything by those who are screaming the loudest.”

— Bedford Central assistant superintendent Mark Betz on school safety measures, Jan. 18.

“The bottom line is we are not allowed to give preferential housing to our own.”

— Pound Ridge councilman Dan Paschkes on the county’s affordable housing settlement, Jan. 25.

“Chickens are wholly within the rural tradition, and the farming tradition of Bedford,”

—  Katonah resident John Metaxas urging relaxed rules for owner of chickens, Feb. 15.

“About 20 percent of the hunters get 80 percent of the deer.”

— Chief Dave Ryan, on Pound Ridge’s deer management program, April 5.

“Are you trying to get us out? We don’t understand what’s changed.”

— Anthony Prestamo, County Waste Management, after Bedford announced
changes in carting rules, March 22.

“Before Osama bin Laden was shot, if you had 30 minutes in the room, what would you do? Would you play cards with Osama bin Laden? What would you do?”

— State Senator Greg Ball on Piers Morgan, April 26.

“The unfunded mandates are crippling public schools across the state and country.”

— Suzanne Grant, Bedford Central board member, April 12.

“I believe potential buyers are feeling more confident about the economy, their jobs and the housing market.”

— David Turner, Houlihan Lawrence, May 10.

“I’ll find my way. It feels like the right thing at the moment.”

— Supervisor Lee Roberts, announcing her decision not to run for re-election in Bedford, May 10.

“As responsible leaders of the library, we need to act now.”

— David Dow, Pound Ridge Library board president, June 7.

“It certainly wasn’t in the 2013 budget.”

— David Dow, president, library trustees, referring to mold and asbestos remediation at the library, June 21.

“I won’t believe it until I see it, but things are a lot more positive than they were. I am encouraged.”

— Jim Perry, Pound Ridge building inspector, on the prospect of cell service in Scotts Corners, July 5.

“Instead of separating it out or maybe going to the recycling center, you can recycle right at your driveway.”

— Lee Roberts, Bedford town supervisor, on single-stream recycling, July 26.

“The children who came in the beginning are now coming in with their children.”

— Rhoda Gushue, director, Bedford Hills Free Library, on retiring after 43 years, July 26.

“NYSEG has requested a protective order that would prevent either party from litigating the matter in the press during the discovery phase.”

— Jim Salmon, NYSEG, referring to a dispute with Pound Ridge homeowners
Millie and Harold Mendelson, Aug. 2.

“My attorneys said that they never heard of such a thing.”

— Millie Mendelson, responding to comments by NYSEG’s Jim Salmon Aug. 2.

“Our scores were above the state average, but I’d say that we’re all in the same boat.”

— Bedford Central schools superintendent Dr. Jere Hochman,
announcing this year’s state test scores, Aug. 26.

“HUD has consistently focused on seeing that the county build, at minimum, the 750 units that the consent decree requires.”

— Adam Glantz, HUD, on affordable housing, Aug. 26

“The 10,000 remark has been proven true. In the monitor’s letter to each community he demanded to know where they are with that allotment and allocation from that study. ... Don’t listen to the quotes, read the letters.”

— Rob Astorino, on affordable housing, Oct. 11.

“The bad boys from Bedford don’t sit still.”

— Charles George, announcing the move of The Bedford Sportsman from
Bedford Hills to Cross River, Sept. 27.

“You have a group of extremists in the House of Representatives who just want a fight rather than to fix people’s problems.”

— Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, on the government shutdown, Sept. 27.

“Somebody once asked me how many bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches I made, and I told him that I sold as many as McDonald’s has sold hamburgers.”

— Manny Claro, of the Wooden Nickel, on the deli’s closing, Oct. 18.

“Bedford is a great place. It didn’t just happen overnight.”

— Francis Corcoran, town board incumbent and councilman-elect, Oct. 25.

“The voters really turned out, and it was great to see.’

— Dick Lyman, after election as Pound Ridge supervisor, Nov. 8.

“When people ask me when the tower is going to be done, I tell them that the last completion date I had was the end of August. Clearly that is not good information.”

— Jim Perry, referring to the long-awaited Westchester Avenue cell tower in Scotts Corners,
Pound Ridge, Nov. 15.

“If these employees can’t live here on a 50-acre parcel with a pool and a spa in the middle of Bedford, where are they going to live?”

— John Marwell, attorney for Nelson Peltz, in requesting a variance for worker housing, Nov. 22.

“Happy New Year, 2014!”

The Record-Review, Dec. 27.

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