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May 19, 2017

‘Pops, Patriots and Fireworks’

Pound Ridge/Scotts Corners

  1. Scotts Corner Market,Trinity Corners Shopping Center, 55 Westchester Avenue

  2. Pound Ridge Sunoco, 66 Westchester Avenue    

Bedford Village

  1. Bedford Rexall Pharmacy, Hunting Ridge Mall; 424 Old Post Road  

  2. Village Green Deli, Village Green; Routes 22 and 172    

  3. Bedford Shell, Routes 22 and 172 (at blinking light); 848 So. Bedford Road

  4. Village Service Center, 193 Pound Ridge Road (at Long Ridge Road intersection)    

Bedford Hills

  1. Bedford Hills Deli, Babbitt Road    

  2. Bueti’s Deli, 526 Bedford Road (Route 117)

  3. Meme’s Treats, 17 Adams Street


  1. Little Joe’s Books, 25 Katonah Avenue     

  2. CVS – Katonah Shopping Center, 294 Katonah Avenue   

  3. Katonah Sunoco, 105 Bedford Road

  4. The Reading Room, 19 Edgemont Road

  5. Weinstein’s Pharmacy, 101 Katonah Avenue

  6. DeCicco Family Markets, 132 Bedford Road

  7. Katonah Pharmacy, 202 Katonah Avenue

Mount Kisco

  1. Teamo/Mt. Kisco News, 239 Main Street    

Cross River

  1. Cross River Shell Station, Route 35    

  2. Cameron’s Deli. 890 Route 35

  3. Cross River Pharmacy, 20 North Salem Road

  4. DeCicco Family Markets, 1 Orchard Plaza

Goldens Bridge

• Cardware Store, 100 N. County Shopping Center

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Katonah’s own ‘marathon man’ finishes six races in six days


Endurance athlete Joe Gagnon of Katonah running his third marathon in three days on April 12 in Johannesburg, South Africa.


It’s April 15, and longtime Katonah resident Joe Gagnon is on the last leg of an incredible journey. Mr. Gagnon, an endurance athlete, has just completed five marathons on five different continents in five straight days. Now, back in the United States, on the starting line of his sixth and final marathon of the week in Los Angeles, California, the magnitude of what he has already accomplished begins to sink in. 

Mr. Gagnon put it simply during a recent phone interview after the race, saying, “It was quite overwhelming.”

Speaking from Arizona, Mr. Gagnon recounted his experience and recovery since. “I feel great,” he stated. Despite running approximately 157 miles and logging 40,000 air miles during what he dubbed the “Six Continents Challenge,” Mr. Gagnon noted that his recovery has gone smoother than he thought. 

Prior to Los Angeles, the Challenge, also known as the “Run Joe Run Marathon,” took Mr. Gagnon to Sao Paolo, Brazil; London, England; Johannesburg, South Africa; Singapore and Sydney, Australia. Merely planning the logistics to reach each location within 24 hours of the last one, Mr. Gagnon said, took a couple of months and support from international friends. His itinerary consisted of all commercial flights and no contingency plans if he missed boarding. That led him to describe the endeavor as “high risk.” Luckily, he explained, everything worked out perfectly.

“The gods conspired in my favor that week,” Mr. Gagnon said. 

Mr. Gagnon explained he had visited more than 40 countries prior to his recent running endeavor. As someone who has always loved adventures, embarking on the Challenge was a bit like being a kid on Christmas, according to Mr. Gagnon. He described how he could not wait to see the next place where he would be running a 26.2-mile course, calling it a “‘chasing tomorrow’ kind of feeling.” Mr. Gagnon explained he was able to keep a positive mindset throughout the duration of his journey — even while stuck in a middle seat on his 12-hour flight from London to Sao Paolo. 

He mused, “The struggle is sort of the fun.”

Mr. Gagnon, who said he draws inspiration from the physical conditioning and mental toughness of U.S. Navy SEALs, said that reading about the tenets of the United State’s primary special operations force taught him the importance of remaining calm. 

“When you’re calm, your best performance comes through because there’s no lost energy,” he said. 

According to Mr. Gagnon, who manages Aspect Software’s Cloud business, he started running when he turned 39 years old as a way to add more fitness into his daily routine. He began with a 1-mile run.

“I found that the more I did, the better I felt,” he said. Now 56, Mr. Gagnon normally runs between 10 and 15 miles a day and continues to push his limits. He observed that he was never predisposed to running and chalks up his current state to “grit and determination.”

In order to prepare himself for completing six marathons in six days, Mr. Gagnon said he ran approximately 95 miles a week for five months, without taking a day off. 

Mr. Gagnon explained one of his motivations for running the marathons was to show others “we can do more than we think we can.” Those words have come to be one of his personal credos. He also used the experience to raise awareness and money for youth empowerment through the international nonprofit organization, CHIME IN.

Mr. Gagnon sits on the advisory board for CHIME IN, which stands for “The Change is Me International.” Through the organization’s efforts, volunteer youth ambassadors between 16 and 25 years old, along with adult mentors around the world, act as role models and help lead projects to better their communities. 

Mr. Gagnon explained that by completing the marathons, he could show young people that they can accomplish what they set their minds to do. 

Running, Mr. Gagnon said, is his secret to living what he calls “the high performance life.” That is also the name of Mr. Gagnon’s blog, which features posts about how he lives, learns and develops his fitness. He explained that he started the blog, thehighperformancelife.net, a few years ago. His posts offer readers a positive perspective, as well as inspiration and techniques for living a fulfilling life, he said.

A year ago, Mr. Gagnon started to set down these techniques for mental toughness and personal effectiveness in a book based on his blog. He explained that the work, which is currently in the final editing phase, features a set of personal stories and principles that reinforce the mantra: “Dream it, plan it, practice it, do it.”

“If you want to live differently, this is a good guide book,” he said. 

In addition to his plans for finishing his book, Mr. Gagnon has set his sights on completing a 50-mile race in June. His next adventure after that is yet to be determined, but if the last decade is any indication, Mr. Gagnon will be going faster and farther than ever before.  

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