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FEBRUARY 9, 2018

‘Pops, Patriots and Fireworks’

Pound Ridge/Scotts Corners

  1. Scotts Corner Market,Trinity Corners Shopping Center, 55 Westchester Avenue

  2. Pound Ridge Sunoco, 66 Westchester Avenue    

Bedford Village

  1. Bedford Rexall Pharmacy, Hunting Ridge Mall; 424 Old Post Road  

  2. Village Green Deli, Village Green; Routes 22 and 172    

  3. Bedford Shell, Routes 22 and 172 (at blinking light); 848 So. Bedford Road

  4. Village Service Center, 193 Pound Ridge Road (at Long Ridge Road intersection)    

Bedford Hills

  1. Bedford Hills Deli, Babbitt Road    

  2. Bueti’s Deli, 526 Bedford Road (Route 117)

  3. Meme’s Treats, 17 Adams Street


  1. Little Joe’s Books, 25 Katonah Avenue     

  2. CVS – Katonah Shopping Center, 294 Katonah Avenue   

  3. Katonah Sunoco, 105 Bedford Road

  4. The Reading Room, 19 Edgemont Road

  5. Weinstein’s Pharmacy, 101 Katonah Avenue

  6. DeCicco Family Markets, 132 Bedford Road

  7. Katonah Pharmacy, 202 Katonah Avenue

Mount Kisco

  1. Teamo/Mt. Kisco News, 239 Main Street    

Cross River

  1. Cross River Shell Station, Route 35    

  2. Cameron’s Deli. 890 Route 35

  3. Cross River Pharmacy, 20 North Salem Road

  4. DeCicco Family Markets, 1 Orchard Plaza

Goldens Bridge

• Cardware Store, 100 N. County Shopping Center

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‘Brigadoon-like’ Lake Katonah marks 90 years


An early billboard advertising the new community of Lake Katonah was one of the images shown at the 90th Anniversary commemoration.


Now you see it, now you don’t.

Tracing the history of Lake Katonah prior to 1928 is akin to tracing the history of “Brigadoon,” the mythical village created by Alan Lerner and Frederick Loewe for their Broadway musical. Like that Scottish village that only appeared for a day every 100 years, Lake Katonah had a tendency to appear and disappear.

It has now been 90 years since the Lewisboro community finally took on a sense of permanence, and residents marked that milestone with a gathering — and history lesson — at the Lake Katonah Clubhouse last Sunday.

Town historian Maureen Koehl led off the afternoon with a history of the town of Lewisboro from its colonial beginnings, eventually describing the destruction of the Goldens Bridge business district when Interstate 684 was constructed. On a lighter note, she also recounted an infamous 1952 incident in which noted pin-up model Betty Paige was arrested while posing nude for a group of New York City photographers at the former Brady Farm off Route 138.

Resident Mary Hoholick, who helped organize the meeting, based much of her presentation on “A Brief History of Lake Katonah” written in the late 1970s by Jim Terleph, who was at the meeting but was unable to speak due to a throat condition. His history is posted on the Lake Katonah Club website.

It was Mr. Terleph who originally made the “Brigadoon” reference. “Our lake, something like the mythical village of ‘Brigadoon,’ kept appearing and disappearing, at least on the maps,” he wrote. “An 1851 map shows no lake, but it appears on a map of 1867.” An 1867 map shows a “saw mill” on the site of the present clubhouse. “An 1891 map depicts a swampy area, but on a 1915 map, all traces of water disappear again.“

Lake Katonah residents have a Katonah postal address, pay taxes to the Town of Lewisboro and are situated in the hamlet of Goldens Bridge. So in 1983 when Ms. Hoholick moved to Lake Katonah, she faced a dilemma how to identify where she lived. “We all said that we lived in Lake Katonah” — even though it’s not any geopolitical designation, she noted.

The present-day Lake Katonah community has its origins in 1926, when developer Ward, Carpenter & Co. of White Plains bought the 125-acre Brady estate with the intention of building a community of summer homes for New York City residents. The company chose the name “Lake Katonah” as a marketing tool because they liked the Katonah name. The developer permanently dammed the lake to enlarge it to its present size. To promote the community, it advertised heavily in The New York Times and through billboards in and around New York City. Their original site plan called for more roads than were eventually built, as shown on a vintage map that Ms. Hoholick displayed, but it did lay out the roads and building sites and installed a water supply system. In 1927, they built the clubhouse and several model homes, which, though modified, are still in use today. In 1928, the Lake Katonah Club was officially incorporated, explaining why the 90th anniversary is being celebrated this year.

During the Depression of the 1930s, the developers defaulted, and the community went into the hands of trustees. As Mr. Terleph described it, “At least twice in the ‘30s and ‘40s, small groups of homeowners came to the rescue and raised enough money to save the clubhouse, roads, water system, playground and the lake itself, so that in 1942 the Lake Katonah Club Inc. was able to purchase these facilities for a total of $10,000.”

“Brigadoon” wasn’t finished with Lake Katonah, however. In March 1944 as a result of unnoticed erosion, “the dam against which the clubhouse is constructed was breached, and despite frantic efforts to sandbag the leak, most of the lake drained out,” wrote Mr. Terleph. Temporary repairs were followed by more permanent measures undertaken in the early 1950s in the form of 3,000 cubic yards of sand, “which solved the seepage problem and gave us the base for the pleasant sandy beach we enjoy today,” he noted. He added that other leaks have been found over the years, but plugged before they caused permanent damage.

Eventually, the community’s roads, which had been private, were turned over to the town, and new culverts and drainage systems were installed. Akiko “Aki” Fasolo, a 50-year resident, recalled the days when mail was delivered to a row of boxes across Todd Road. She also remembered a party on the beach, to which one guest made a memorable entrance, rowing a boat across the lake while wearing a wedding dress.

Posters displayed during the program highlighted some of Lake Katonah’s illustrious residents. Among them is John Shearer, a noted photographer who took the iconic picture of John Kennedy Jr. saluting at his father’s funeral. Ms. Hoholick announced that she had received an email from the children of former resident David Reid, an ad man who created “Elsie the Cow.”

She asked any current or former residents who have photos or other memorabilia of Lake Katonah to submit them so the material can be included during the 90th anniversary celebration and in the lead-up to the 100th.

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