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Renowned chef Jean-Georges plans
2013 opening

Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Locals waiting to sample meals prepared by world-renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten at a restaurant nearby will have to wait until the fall of 2013, according to Lucia Chiocchio, an attorney with Cuddy & Feder.

On Sept. 6, Ms. Chiocchio represented Kenneth Tropin, a member of KKPR, L.L.C., owner of the inn, and Mr. Vongerichten of Pound Ridge L.L.C., a managing member of the inn, during the town board meeting.

After a unanimous vote, the board referred the restaurant’s application for the required special use permit to the town’s planning board for its review and recommendations.

This is the second special use permit issued to the inn. The second permit will most likely contain the same restraints as the special use permit issued about a year ago, in November 2011, that was signed by Mr. Tropin and Mr. Vongerichten.

Among the conditions of operation are the 11:30 p.m. kitchen closing and the limitation of dining service to inside the building. The outdoor patio and lawn may be used on a limited basis to conduct wedding vows, photography, and similar activities, according to the special use permit.

The new permit is needed because there were extensive modifications to the outside and inside of the building. Changes to the property included a new septic tank, according to building inspector Jim Perry, as well as landscaping changes.

Recent owners of the restaurant have had less success than when the business was in its glory days and called Emily Shaw’s. But Mr. Vongerichten is a businessman and restaurateur who is responsible for the operation and success of several three- and four-star restaurants located worldwide, including New York City. Members of the town board expressed optimism when asked about the chances of success for the new venture.

Mr. Vongerichten, 55, oversees restaurants in Las Vegas, London, Paris and Shanghai, as well as in New York. Born in Alsace, France, Mr. Vongerichten traveled extensively throughout Asia, where he developed his signature cooking style.

His New York restaurant Jean-Georges is housed in the Trump International Hotel & Tower, and he could soon claim Pound Ridge as a part of his culinary empire. His Trump Tower restaurant is listed as one of the 10 most expensive restaurants in New York City.

The site of the new restaurant has a distinguished history in the community. Originally the Alsop Lockwood House, built in 1833, Emily Shaw’s was a Pound Ridge destination for decades. After its long years doing duty as a private home and working farm, in 1933 the main house was turned into a boarding house, operated by Mabel McKay. Sometime between 1936 and 1939, Hiram Halle acquired the place and remodeled the kitchen. Halle rented it to Emily Shaw, who ran it as an inn to accommodate Halle’s guests from the city, and her husband is said to have spent most of his evenings there. In 1989, Dorothy Treyball bought the place and persuaded the already well-known chef Leslie Revsin to command the kitchen. Ms. Revsin was the executive chef until 1995, shortly before her death at the age of 59.

The property was sold for $2.5 million in spring 2007, and reopened as the Inn at Pound Ridge. Before the restaurant reopened under their ownership, investors put at least another $2 million into restoring the building and its property.

The three owners entered into discussions with the town board to extend kitchen services and use of the outdoor patio, which upset some neighbors, who complained of the late activity. As a result, the town board put restrictions on the use of the property in an effort to protect neighbors from noise.

Those limitations could still be imposed on the new owners, according to Town Supervisor Gary Warshauer.

The Inn at Pound Ridge closed in 2009, and was sold at a foreclosure auction in February 2010 for $2 million. Phil Maniatty and David Schlack, owners of North Star Restaurant in Scotts Corners, became the new owners of the property, with an investment from a financier, Mr. Tropin.

A special use permit was issued to Mr. Maniatty and Mr. Schlack for the restaurant at 258 Westchester Ave. by the town board in June 2010, but Mr. Maniatty and Mr. Schlack are no longer involved with the property. Almost a year and a half later, the town board approved the special use permit for Mr. Vongerichten and Mr. Tropin.

According to Ms. Chiocchio, the design team has developed the final detailed plans for the restaurant to comply with all of the conditions set forth in the special use permit granted by the town board. The owners have obtained approval from the Landmarks and Historic District Commission and from the Westchester County Department of Health for the replacement of the existing aboveground septic system with a new underground septic tank and system. They also installed a backup propane generator in the basement of the barn structure. 

Thomas Darmawan of Brooks & Falotico and Robert Aiello, P.E. of JMC Consulting, P.C., presented final drawings to the town board with the landscaping and architectural enhancements to the building. The design team anticipates submission of the required building permit application materials in October 2012.

The town board should take up the special use permit after the planning board’s referral.

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