November 2, 2012

Vote for Sean Patrick Maloney

They say that campaigns are based on trust, and for trust, Nan Hayworth wins this one. Nan Hayworth does listen. During her two years in office she has always been accessible and willing to talk on issues, even when we’ve openly disagreed with her. Midterm, when she wasn’t running for anything, she invited us to a policy discussion at the Bedford Diner — where we found ourselves much the wiser on the inner workings of Washington — and enlightened us on some of the battles being fought on that brutal congressional battleground.

The trouble is, we do trust her — to vote consistently against the policies important to us on almost every 2012 presidential campaign issue. She was opposed to Obama’s policies when she came into office and, as a first-term congresswoman, she largely voted against key Obama initiatives, including the Affordable Care Act, Dodd Frank financial reform, and others.

Her opponent, Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney, was an aide to president Bill Clinton. We like where he stands on his support of women’s and social issues, particularly his support of abortion rights, Planned Parenthood funding, and dismantling the onerous Defense of Marriage Act.

Ms. Hayworth called the Affordable Care Act — she declines to call it “Obamacare” — the “motivator” behind the 2010 Republican congressional push.

We concur with Mr. Maloney, who said about the health care act, “We should stop fighting and playing politics, we should turn the page on this tea party nonsense and move forward.”

We’re not willing to call Ms. Hayworth a tea party Republican; as she commented, “The tea party might be offended by that.” But her policies on renewable energy, eliminating tax breaks for the richest Americans, education funding cuts, de-funding Planned Parenthood, her failure to call for an end to the unsafe operation of Indian Point, and crippling the EPA’s strength to monitor and regulate the pollutants in air and drinking water, are strictly from the Republican Party Congressional playbook of 2010.

It may be a fact of modern political life that Mr. Maloney is a push-button candidate who will pull the lever for the party. He probably won’t be knocking on doors in Bedford Hills to get your vote. If Mr. Maloney wins, he’ll have two years to show the people of the 18th District that he holds their best interests at heart. We are willing to give him that chance.

After sideshow, vote for George Latimer

 Two weeks ago, George Latimer and Bob Cohen, the two candidates for the newly created 37th State Senate District, came into our offices for a debate. The district, stretching from northern to southern Westchester, includes the towns of Bedford, Eastchester, Harrison, Mamaroneck, Rye and the city of Rye, where Mr. Latimer lives. It also includes portions of White Plains, Yonkers and New Rochelle, where Mr. Cohen resides.

The winner of this election will replace Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer, D-Mamaroneck, of the 37th District, who is retiring after her term expires at the end of the year. The Republican Party holds a slim majority in the Senate of 33 to 29. This Senate district is considered one of the few swing districts in the state and could prove integral to both parties seeking the majority

During that hour in Katonah, the candidates erupted in a nonstop shouting match filled with accusations, vitriol, complaints about the other’s campaign and bitter disputes about the facts, all at a decibel level that drowned out the Metro-North trains across the street.

In other words, this was politics as usual in our Brave New World. Trying to determine the “winner” in this war of lungs wasn’t easy. In fact, much of the debate was caught up in disputes over who did what to whom and how. Mr. Cohen said that he was smeared by Mr. Latimer, and vice versa. Mr. Latimer accused Mr. Cohen of producing inflammatory and false mailings that distorted his position and denigrated his character. Mr. Cohen objected to being called a “slumlord,” a charge that the Westchester Fair Campaign Practices committee eventually upheld; Mr. Cohen has settled more than $300,000 in private negligence lawsuits with tenants, The Journal News reported this week.

All of this sturm und drang is kind of sad considering the high stakes in a complex district that runs the length of the eastern portion of Westchester County, especially since over the years we’ve known Mr. Latimer as a dedicated, accessible and forthright public servant who has worked hard in the New York State Assembly and in the county Legislature in years past. Mr. Latimer, as the first Democratic chairman of the county Legislature, rightfully could boast three consecutive property tax cuts. While he was one of the few to vote against the tax cap as a member of the Assembly, his reasons are compelling: the lack of mandate relief for towns and school districts that came as a result. Unfunded mandates remain the most pressing issue in Albany today. Mr. Latimer stood up against “business as usual” in Albany when he opposed the partisan redistricting plan in Albany, and he showed the same kind of courage when he balked at political measures being tacked on to an early version of the Tier VI pension reform bill.

On environmental issues, Mr. Latimer is right on; he is in favor of an immediate moratorium and independent health study of fracking, not a state-structured study vulnerable to political influences. From his work in White Plains and Albany, Mr. Latimer understands the needs of our watershed towns, and offers a candidate who can work with the county government, state and the city’s DEP.

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